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This is the ultimate tool for our contributors to get inspired to produce more stock footage by ideas that are coming directly from our customers. Not every time our customers are able to find the royalty free video clips they need to fulfill their B-roll footage needs, so whenever that happens, they will submit a suggestion that will appear on this page. Now that you know exactly what they’re looking for, go ahead and make your next B-roll package!


This week, our customers wanted to include these topics in their B-roll footage:


Our customers have shown interest in getting royalty free stock footage that comes from several locations around the world, such as Africa, Antarctica, Atlanta, Australia, Austria, Chicago, China, Dubai, the Mount Everest, Holland, India, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Norway, OrlandoRussia and Shanghai


We've received requests to see stock video footage that is shot in different schools, colleges, and universities; we recommend you to visit the educational institutions around your area and shoot some B-roll footage there. Office top view has been requested.

Sport activities

Our stock footage library needs need some royalty free stock footage portraying different sport activities, like CrossFit, badminton, baseball, cricket, football, ice hockey, kitesurf, rugby, snowboard, soccer, softball, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, wrestling, boxing, water sports, and yoga

Home and family

This category in our stock footage library embraces pets, like cats, dogs, etc. It also includes royalty free stock footage of families interacting at home with each other, house appliances and furniture.

Beauty and fashion

Our audience is interested in getting B-roll stock video footage It will be interesting to see of beautiful women, models, fashion shows, photoshoot sessions, etc. 

Science and nature

We are looking to include more stock video footage of insects and exotic animals. Macro shots work great in this case. Also, the theme "space" is also royalty free stock footage that is on demand and qualifies for this category of our stock footage library.

Professional activities

This category of our stock footage library must provide with royalty free video clips of all sorts of professional activities: from farming to medicine.


This category refers to the types of angles and techniques you can use as you shoot your B-roll packages. Royalty free footage on demand includes Steadicam shots, table top shots, greenscreen shots, timelapses, and macro shots.

Corporate and gadgets

We are looking for royalty free video footage that portrays different types of hardware and devices, such as watches, tablets, smartphones (both being used and not being used).


For this category, all stock video footage of every mean of transportation is valid: airplanes, cars, and trains, needs to be included.


We would like to see more submissions of royalty-free video clips that are related to activities that are inherent to people from all ethnicities. Our customers are looking for people at work, families, concerts, food, cooking, music, events, traffic, first communion, people dancing in a club, theatre audience, spring break, beach parties, graffiti art and traveling.

Landscapes and Cityscapes

This category applies to all royalty-free video clips that showcase the best attributes of different scenarios. Currently, our visitors are searching for nature, beaches, cities, sunrises, sunsets, mountains, and snowy places.


Check out our guidelines for additional information on how to make the perfect B-roll package, and visit our blog for more tips on how to make the ultimate b-roll package.