How to create my first B-roll package?


Choose your topic: we are interested in locations, including landscapes, cities, and iconic places. We are also looking for B-roll footage of objects, pieces that illustrate daily routines, or interesting processes or events. But we are not limited to these subjects; we like variety and would love to see what you have to offer as a contributor.

Start shooting film stock footage: remember to keep a specific concept in mind. Your B-roll package should have enough royalty free video clips to cover a topic and these clips should serve the same purpose or address the same issue. Remember to include a variety of angles and types of shots and most importantly: keep it consistent. All of the royalty free video clips from the same package will co-exist in the same production, therefore, they need to artistically and technically match.

Put together a 15 to 20-second demo that showcases the best features of your B-roll package.

If you need help choosing a topic, stop by our HOT TOPICS page, where we've placed all of the requests that come directly from our customers.

Check out this example of a man working on a specific industry:


About your demo:

While you can use our demo generator to showcase your B-roll packages and get the competitive 55% of royalty rates per each download of that specific package, we strongly encourage our contributors to take the little extra time to feature the best aspects of their royalty-free video clips, because there’s no one better than the creator to make the best selling argument possible and since we really appreciate your time, putting together your own demo will grant you 70%* of the profit obtained through the downloads of that B-roll package.

      • The demo for your B-roll package should be delivered in .mp4 or .m4v format

      • Duration: 15 to 20 seconds

      • Size: up to 10 MB

      • Resolution 858x482p

(*) Percentage subject to change after two years from the launch of the website.


Technical specifications:

Format: We require our b-roll footage to be in MOV or MP4 format. 

Codec: We accept unmodified camera-native codecs, Apple ProRes422, H.264, and PhotoJPEG. (best quality, no audio).

Resolution/Frame Rate: 4K and above, HD1080 – 1920x1080 (24, 25, 29.97,30,60 FPS)

Length: we encourage you to make the total duration of your B-roll package be between 1 and 2 minutes. 

Post-production: You may perform minor fixes and color correction to your clips to enhance them. However, we recommend you keep it simple so that our customers find a more versatile material.


For more help you can always check the Contributors FAQ, visit our blog or contact us