Customer FAQ

What is B-roll?

Back in the day when tape decks were around, there were A-Rolls and B-Rolls. The A-Roll was the main footage where the character was speaking or the reporter was on the scene. The B-Roll footage was everything else. The name for this stock footage pretty much stuck. It was the landscape or people walking in and out of an office or cars driving by. There is normally no sound on the b-roll. This allows voice-overs to be made over the footage. It was used a lot when cameras were transitioning from camera to camera to disguise unwanted content or anything that might have distracted the director such as a blip or bad shot. See a more detailed explanation here.

Why is B-rollStock different? is the first stock video footage agency to specialize in b-roll and storytelling, providing customers with entire curated B-roll packages instead of expecting them to spend valuable time searching for scattered clips one by one. Each B-roll package includes 4 to 7 royalty free video clips shot with the same technical and artistic settings, and conceived by the same author to cover one topic of interest with different angles and types of shots. All of our packages are HD+ quality, and are ready to be imported in any video project. 
When looking for b-roll stock footage, video producers and editors usually need more than one clip, they need variety of shots withing the same topic, this is why our B-roll packages become handy:
  • With the purchase of one b-roll package, you are getting 4 to 7 royalty free video clips of the same topic at once. This way, you don't have to spend more time looking for more video stock footage, saving valuable time.
  • Also, since clips from the same B-roll package are ready to coexist in your project, keeping the consistency you need in your final work.
  • Last but not least, remember you are paying one price for an entire B-roll package, a price that in some cases matches the cost of one clip in any other of the stock video footage websites.

What is a B-roll Package?

It is a group of royalty free video clips (4-7 clips) gathered around one topic such as one location, place, type of activity or subject. All clips from one B-roll package are shot by the same Filmmaker using the same gear and settings that give incredible consistency to the offered stock footage. Package contains a variety of different type of shots, angles and techniques, for example, a good B-roll Package contains a wide shot, pan shot, close-up, aerial and a timelapse.