What is Metadata?

Metadata is the all of the information attached to data objects. Our data objects are video clips, so all the information about these video clips is known as the metadata attached to your B-roll packages. It includes the name of the package, file number, description, tags, frame rate and type of footage.
Collecting metadata plays a leading role in organizing content and making it easy to find. Good metadata will help you ensure your B-roll packages are easy to find by our customers.
REMEMBER: you require to prepare this metadat file if you choose to submit your royalty free footage by FTP ONLY.

What is the best way to fill out my Metadata?

Here you can find the information how fill out and attach it to your footage when you submit through the FTP platform.
In order to optimize your presence online and guarantee views and downloads you need to provide the best metadata possible:
- Name your package: The name of your B-roll package should be related to the location, subject or action portrayed in it, whichever one of those attributes that is the most important. The name of your B-roll package should capture the whole concept of the footage you are submitting. Take a look at this sample of some footage from New York, a good name for it could be: “Night at New York City timelapse”
- CC. Enter your Contributor code: In the case that you are uploading your B-roll footage via FTP, you probably already have a Contributor Code provided by our team. You can also request a Contributor Code by sending an email to
- Demo: This works as a YES or NO question for you. Put YES in this field if you are submitting a demo for your B-roll package, or NO, if you are not submitting any demo. This is to help us determine your royalty rates in any case (click here for more details about Royalty Fees)
- File name: This is nothing but a copy-&-paste from the original file name.
- Description: Give us a short, specific description of your B-roll package. This description will be posted on, so we encourage you to run a spell and grammar check. You don’t have to be extremely technical; just be casual, play it cool.
* Cover the subject, the action and the location portrayed in your B-roll packages
* Do not attach it to a specific story, you don’t want to make it seem less versatile
* You may include a special technique you used for a shot (timelapse, aerial…)
* If relevant, include a qualitative description of the subject
- Keywords/tags: They can be single terms or multiple words. Use commas to separate each keyword from the next one. Strong keywords must:
* Be relevant to the B-roll package
* Cover the entirety of the B-roll package
* Never add irrelevant concepts
* Mention location
* Use between 10 and 30 keywords.
Keywords should reference what is the B-roll package of and what is your B-roll package about, think about what customers may be searching for (but only include relevant tags). You may include here subject, action, location, techniques and types of shot you used while producing your B-roll footage. Be exhaustive about the primary subject in your stock film footage and don’t concentrate in other incidental objects.
- Topics: Reveal the main issue portrayed in your package. It should be the answer to the most relevant of the following questions: what is the location? what activity are the people performing? what type of landscape is it?
- FPS: Remember to indicate how many frames per second your footage was shot at.
- Resolution: This will be either HD or 4K. Some other resolutions might be added in the future. We don’t accept SD.
- Type of footage: You have four options here, choose between Regular, Timelapse, Slowmo and Aerial.
Connect us via email and we will send you Metadata file example within futhure isntructions how to use our FTP.