About B-rollstock.com



We are the 1st b-roll stock footage agency created to gather and provide you with ultimate royalty free video clips built into different b-roll packages that are pre-conceived to cover an entire topic within your video project.

Our platform offers our customers -filmmakers, video editors, producers, digital content creators- access to a +10,000 packages library, helping them save money and time when searching and putting clips together in post production.



Why we are different

Look no further for extra royalty free video clips with different angles

  • Our B-roll packages are sets of 4 to 7 royalty free video clips ready to help you tell a story from different angles and types of shots. Each video clip was conceived to serve a specific storytelling purpose, so in one of our B-roll packages, you could find everything you need to support your production with B-roll footage.
  • So B-rollstock.com is not like any other royalty free stock footage website, it’s an experts community created by and oriented to video producers and independent filmmakers, where they can all meet in the same place. Thanks to our direct communication system, it is easy for customers to reach our contributors and start new productive professional relationships that will benefit them all.

What is a B-roll package

It is a group of royalty free video clips (4-7 clips) gathered around one topic such as one location, place, type of activity or subject. All clips from one B-roll package are shot by the same Filmmaker using the same gear and settings that give incredible consistency to the offered stock footage. Package contains a variety of different type of shots, angles and techniques, for example, a good B-roll Package contains a wide shot, a pan shot, a close-up, and maybe an aerial shot or a timelapse.

Why it works

Because it provides you with the ultimate solution to simplify your video production process while you save time and money.

  • You will find all the video clips you need faster; one B-roll package will contain a good part of the B-roll footage you need, if not all of it, allowing you to produce more projects while you save time. 
  • You will get consistent footage with one click; a single purchase will give you an entire set of royalty free video clips that are ready to coexist within your projects, keeping the consistency of your material and saving you some more time on post-production.
  • You will save an incredible amount of money because each one of our high-quality HD and 4K resolution B-roll packages cost virtually as much as any single clip from the most popular royalty free stock footage libraries.

Where we are now

We are currently building a vast stock footage library by engaging the world’s best contributors from all over the world. They are specialized in different aspects to guarantee you will find what you are looking for in terms of B-roll footage.

  • We have +10,000 B-roll packages available with +55,000 royalty free video clips (and the number keeps getting higher every day!).
  • 3 big studios with big stock footage libraries have signed up.
  • We have contributors from the United States, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, China, Australia, Slovenia, and many more exciting places.



Our mission is to help filmmakers, video editors, social media content creators, and advertising companies to save time and money when it comes to purchasing B-roll footage, by providing an alternative that will reduce to a minimum the time of scavenging and post-production.Our B-roll packages are ready to fully cover one topic with consistency and the purchase of one B-roll package of 4-7 royalty free video clips is an economic alternative to the traditional and expensive "clip-by-clip purchase" model.

Our vision is to become a voice of influence in the market and a number one source video producers will go to whenever it comes to B-roll footage. We strive to create a community where professionals can network in a productive way.

Our plan is to create a massive stock video footage marketplace of Ultimate B-roll Packages from contributors around the world and then create an Ultimate B-roll Crew by connecting our customers and contributors so they can produce together custom video footage On Demand.


Feel free to contact us for more details about this new concept. You can also visit our blog and learn new ways to incorporate b-roll packages in your creations.