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Find the B-roll footage you need

The 1-st B-roll Agency with stock footage library specialized in pre-packaged b-roll footage and available to be hired for custom b-roll footage search.

Find the B-roll footage you need for your video productions within our stock video footage library with over 10,000 B-roll packages available and a total of 55,000 royalty free video clips. Each B-roll package contains 4 to 7 clips of royalty free footage that cover one topic with different angles and types of shots.

High quality

We present you a vast stock footage library constituted by selected b-roll producers. We offer you access to a variety of B-roll packages of high production value that include HD and 4K aerial and time lapse footage.

Save time

Most editors need to find at least 4 stock video footage clips to cover one story. By purchasing one of our collections, the search is over. No need to look for your royalty free footage scattered around the web.

Save money

Our contributors make an excellent use of time when shooting, this allows us to set very reasonable price for entire HD and 4K B-roll packages that will contain 4 to 7 different video royalty free video clips related to the same location or subject.


Nothing is more practical than having an entire set of clips of film stock footage produced by the same person, with the same techniques, and pre conceived to serve the same purpose. This reduces post-production time to a minimum. Get consistent slow motion and time lapse footage!


Find out how to start producing B-roll stock video footage and earning extra money with us.