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“Each B-roll package contains 4 to 7 clips of royalty free footage that cover one topic with different angles and types of shots to help you to deliver a better story”
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B-rollStock.com has a unique approach that separates us from other stock footage libraries. We’ve introduced B-roll packages as a new form of the stock video footage that helps to tell a better story. Each package focuses on a specific topic of video production, location or activity, but comes with multiple shots (4-7 royalty free video clips per PACKAGE), to help cover a story from several angles
Nothing is more practical than having an entire set of clips of film stock footage produced by the same person, with the same techniques, and pre conceived to serve the same purpose. This reduces post-production time to a minimum, saves video editors time and money while preserving the consistency in any story.

Save with b-roll footage packages

  • Save time
    Most video editors need to find at least 4 stock video footage clips to cover one story. By purchasing one of our collections, the search is over. No need to look for your royalty free footage scattered around the web
  • Save money
    Our contributors make an excellent use of time when shooting, this allows us to set very reasonable price for entire HD and 4K B-roll packages that will contain 4 to 7 different video royalty free video clips related to the same location or subjec
  • Music discount
    B-rollstock has teamed up with Fliktrax.com to offer you curated, high quality music, fully cleared for license in your media! Use Fliktrax's Filters, Playlists and Video Sync Tool to find the exact track to compliment your video! Use coupon code "BROLL" during checkout and get 20% off your license(s).

What is Royalty-free license?

If you purchase a license for using royalty-free videos on our platform, that means you can use these stock clips in any digital video productions for your own purpose without paying an early royalty fee to the video content creator. You can also use it multiple times as long as you are single user.

However, you should understand the difference between editorial and commercial usage of stock video footage.

- I’m going to use royalty-free videos for my blog, a documentary, news, or an educational purpose.

If that is your case, you can use royalty-free stock videos marked as either editorial or commercial.

- I’m going to use royalty-free videos to promote or sell my business or services.

In this case, you can use only commercial royalty-free stock videos.

ADJUST Video production, Los Angeles AD.JUST Video Production is a dedicated Los Angeles film crew with an experience in producing b-roll footage on demand for local and national brands in different industries: IT, Medical, Fashion, Sports, Innovations and Startups. Portfolio
DANIL RUDENKO Moscow, RU Portfolio
DANIL RUDENKO Moscow, RU Portfolio
DANIL RUDENKO Moscow, RU Portfolio
DANIL RUDENKO Moscow, RU Portfolio


Choose best from 300+ video producers for custom b-roll productions around the globe.

If you can’t find the stock footage video you are looking for, then you can hire a local videographer for any kind of digital video productions to produce your custom b-roll footage by request.

AD.JUST Video Production is a dedicated Los Angeles film crew with experience in producing b-roll footage on demand for local and national brands in different industries, including IT, medical, fashion, sports, innovations, and startups.

We are here to help you with your film and corporate b-roll requests!

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Video content creators: film studios, marketing agencies, video productions

We all know that the those industries keeps on developing faster and faster. This means you have to keep up with the demands by delivering great amounts of video content in a timely manner.

Doesn't matter if you need royalty-free stock footage or custom b-roll - we are here to help you with all your broll needs!

Free b-roll footage shot on red

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You can use this royalty-free footage in any of your digital video productions

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How to join our team of b-roll producers

It’s never been easier to submit video on our platform! Just create your account, visit your profile, and start uploading! To find out more about what is considered good b-roll footage, read our blog post. Also, here you can find stock footage producers FAQ with all the technical requirements.

Shoot us an email If you want to be featured as B-roll production film crew on the main page!